resources from classes I've taught

Thus far, I have only taught courses at UC Berkeley. If you’re a current student and have ended up here somehow, I would suggest looking for more updated materials, as I have not been at Cal since Spring 2018. However, I have left this up in case anyone still finds use from these materials.

UC Berkeley

Data 8 (CS/STAT/INFO 8)

Other useful stuff:

UC Berkeley

Rubik's Cube Decal

Refer to this page for OLL algorithms.

To get to this point (ie the yellow cross is solved), remember that application of the algorithm F(RUR'U')F' is necessary.

BEGINNERS: Memorize the second algorithm under "All Edges Oriented".

ADVANCED: Memorize all algorithms under "All Edges Oriented".

Refer to this page for PLL algorithms.

BEGINNERS: Memorize Aa under "Opposite Edge Swap".

ADVANCED: Memorize all algorithms under EPLL, as well as Aa under "Opposite Edge Swap" and E under "Diag corner swap".