publications in reverse chronological order.

In preparation

  1. Theoretical Analysis of Thermal Spikes during Ion Bombardment
    Cheng, Erik S., Ventzek, Peter L.G. and Hwang, Gyeong S.
  2. Tight-binding Molecular Dynamics Investigations of \arion bombardment of SiN
    Cheng, Erik S. and Hwang, Gyeong S.
    In preparation
  3. Ion-induced Decomposition of Physisorbed HFCs on SiN Surfaces Under Ar Bombardment
    Cheng, Erik S. and Hwang, Gyeong S.
    In preparation


  1. Appl. Surf. Sci.
    Dissociative chemisorption of methyl fluoride and its implications for atomic layer etching of silicon nitride
    Cheng, Erik S., and Hwang, Gyeong S
    Applied Surface Science 2021


  1. JPCC
    Surprising Effects of Hydrochloric Acid on the Water Evaporation Coefficient Observed by Raman Thermometry
    Rizzuto, Anthony M.,  Cheng, Erik S., Lam, Royce K., and Saykally, Richard J.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2017